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Minecraft is getting an ambitious Dungeons & Dragons crossover

Put down the shovel, pick up the staff

Just in time for the upcoming film, Mojang announced that Minecraft is getting an ambitious Dungeons & Dragons crossover. Like any D&D campaign, the crossover begins around a blocky table with an open pizza box, and then it escalates into a roughly ten-hour, action-RPG take on Minecraft as you trek through the classic tabletop’s fantasy world.

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Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons will be separate from the main game’s survival sandbox - it’s instead a quest-driven mode where you’ll pick between four character classes with special skills, equip stat-boosting gear, and interact with NPCs in branching storylines. It fits the description for most modern action RPGs, only this time you have Minecraft’s characterful blocks, spooky distant groans, and a seemingly reskinned Ender Dragon.

If you still have an appetite for more blocky dice-rolling, Wizards Of The Coast and Mojang are also collaborating on the Minecraft Monstrous Compendium, laying down stats for Minecraft’s iconic slew of beasties.

The crossover mode is coming out this Spring on all platforms - which at this point, includes practically every modern system. The sandbox classic is also available on Game Pass if you’re one of the handful of players yet to own it.

To me, Minecraft used to be an undercover horror game as I’d burrow myself into the side of a mountain and cover the land with torches, hoping to keep away any zombie respawns. Now, though, I use Minecraft like I’m channel-hopping in a foreign country, switching between recreations of Toto’s Africa and five-hour-long, fireside ASMR screens.

Although, I might jump back in with Minecraft Legends, a very cool-looking action strategy spin-off that’s launching on April 18th.

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