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Monster Hunter: World stomps onto PC


Capcom have just launched Monster Hunter: World on Steam, giving their dinosaur-fighting action-RPG series its long-awaited western PC debut. Going by how the game has rocked Steam's sales charts for several weeks before even launching, it's one many PCnauts have been keen to see. And now it's here. Out now. Available for purchase and play. It's pretty neat, Nic Rueben's Monster Hunter: World PC review will tell you.

Monster Hunter: World is an action-RPG where we're sent to track fantastic beasts through beautiful lands with lively ecosystems then murder them so we can fashion their guts and bones into fancier clobber and weapons that'll help us murder bigger beasts then make better hats and swords from their guts and... it's a big loop grinding through grand boss battles. Some words for you from Wot Nic Rueben Thought:

"Monster Hunter World is gorgeous and exciting. Its elegant systems are packed with depth. It's hugely generous with a frankly bewildering amount of content, but still provides a firm, focused gameplay loop. The online experience is balanced, seamless, and challenging. But Monster Hunter World is also an unintentional reminder that the the glorious myth of dragon hunting only works as a shadow puppet show. Once you've seen that dragon's home, its patterned scales, the beauty and terror in its wingspan, and watched it limp defeated back to its nest, swinging the blade a final time feels a lot less heroic. He who hunts monst, and all that. Cute cats though."

Monster Hunter: World is out now on Steam for £50/€60/$60. If you fancy some help getting started, we have oh so very many Monster Hunter: World guides to assist you.

Oh, and one of its monsters has already escaped into Final Fantasy XIV too.

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