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Start Monday Right With Morning Coffee

Time to face the world

What's up gamers! It's your girl Alice at Game, Gamer, Gamegun coming at you with the hottest new games and game news for gamers pumping straight into your brain like a mad doctor making a Frankenstein yowwww it's electrifying! Hey, it's a new week so we've got to get this going the right way: with a good kick of caffeine bzaaaap! But hold up! (OBJECTION!) Before you chug that Dew, let me tell you Morning Coffee is where we're getting our caffix today.

Like a good cup of the magic brown, the hot new walking simulator will slam through your system in only a few minutes then kapow! we're ready for the day. And hey, we gamers have better things to do than wait around to install anything, so let's cheer our gamer cry of "Vid vid vidyay!" because we can even play in a browser to jam the gaming goodness straight into our brainslots.

Ah hello again, RPS readers. I've now cleared that jazz out my head with my own morning routine of running five miles chased by youths with switches of bramble. Morning Coffee, then, is a short, sweet, and quiet little walk 'em up by Charles Elwonger and Jocelyn Reyes.

Starting focused on the coffee cup before us, we slowly awaken to become interested in the life we've built for ourselves and our place in the world. Then, ready or not, we're out to face what lies beyond our door. It's a pleasant little contemplative experience that may refresh you this grey Monday morning.

And if none of that interests you, it is very pretty to look at.

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