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Motorsport Manager adds 6-hour races in expansion

Pit fires are bad

Fast car fiddler Motorsport Manager has a new expansion that adds 6-hour endurance races, announced Playsport Games. These require swapping out your tired drivers for fresh-eyed speedsters mid-race. Of course, this is a management sim and the fast forward button is there to be used. But the new race lengths of 90 mins, 3 hours and 6 hours are designed to give you a new type of challenge, in which you have to build vehicles with longevity in mind and look out for your drivers’ stamina bars, lest they become bored and start pooping at the wheel, or whatever it is motorsport competitors do when they get tired and cranky.

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These endurance championships see you managing six drivers on a single team, with two drivers per car. Here’s how the developers see it going down:

"New rules, such as average qualifying time, present a new challenge as you seek to build a team which outdoes the sum of its parts. Find consistency and the sweet spot for your drivers, allowing them to hit a state of perfect flow and become ‘Fired Up’, improving their lap times."

Alongside this release, there’s also a free update for everyone which adds two “catastrophic mistakes” - a loose wheel and a pit fire – both now possible during a race. Pit fires can have a “psychological impact” on your driver, as you might expect. But a new pit crew feature lets you tweak the speed and safety of any pit stops you do take. The patch notes are here in full .

Adam liked making cars go fast in his Motorsport Manager review, even though he’s more of a footy man. “I feel like I earn my victories and the disasters are usually my fault as well,” he said. Since then it has added a 2D top-down mode for less powerful machines as well as mod support. So far nobody on Steam Workshop has added Mario Kart characters to the race tracks, but you can find a Fiat Panda, which is heartening.

The Motorsport Manager - Endurance Series DLC is on Steam for £5.99.

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