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Vroom! Motorsport Manager launches mod support

Modding support has arrived in Motorsport Manager [official site], letting sportsdads fiddle with the game's guts in many ways. Perhaps you'll replace car models with real Formula 1 vehicles. Or create obscene liveries. Or replace videos with cats being cute or some serious Formula 1 cutscenes. Or... a pleasing amount can be changed, and I imagine folks will soon crack on with some fairly expansive overhauls. Make it into a game about racing hovercars. Skateboards. Hoverboards.

As this guide explains, modding supports changing things like:

  • Game databases (eg. drivers, teams).
  • 3D models for cars and car parts (eg. front wings)
  • 3D models for Headquarters buildings
  • Car Liveries
  • 2D Art Atlases (eg. sponsor logos, team logos)
  • Driver Portraits
  • Transition Videos

If you fancy getting modding yourself, you'll need Unity 5.3.6, which is free to download from here. A lot of editing involves futzing with text files rather than doing super serious programming, so don't be put off and do have a fiddle if you're interest.

The update adding the Steam Workshop also brought a few small changes, as detailed over here.

Given that Motorsport Manager started as a mobile game, I am glad to see its PC debut is PC-y enough to embrace mods. It's still strange that Sega have gone from making consoles to being one of the better PC publishers, even if they are sitting on Vanquish and Bayonetta (PC ports, pretty please!). Oh, and as for Motorsport Manager, here's Wot Adam Thought.

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