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MultiVersus season 2 begins with a reworked battle pass and Big Head Mode

There’s a central in-game store now, too

Season 1 of Warner Bros. licensed brawler MultiVersus is over, and Season 2 has begun today with an update that adds more reward tiers to the battle pass. There’s also a new Big Head Mode for the game’s recently added Silly Queue, and an in-game store that brings all MultiVersus’ skins and characters into one place for the first time. Weirdly, but appropriately, the game now keeps score of baskets on the Space Jam map and tracks how far away you shoot from too, so have some fun netting three-pointers with that.

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The battle pass rework for MultiVersus season 2 adds rewards to every tier of the pass, which means there’s no gaps anymore. Devs Player First Games say they’ve adjusted the points needed to complete each tier to make the battle pass more “engaging and rewarding”. The update’s new in-game store hoovers up all the various cosmetics and characters scattered around MultiVersus and bungs them into one central location, which I guess makes nabbing those a little easier.

My favourite part of MultiVersus’ season 2 update is the Big Head Mode, though. Characters are burdened with giant noggins in true GoldenEye 007 fashion, but they do score some big cooldown reductions in the mode to make up for it. The update also adds new skins ranging from samurai Batman and Evil Morty to a bright orange, armoured version of Velma that looks just a smidge like it was inspired by Gordon Freeman. You can read the full patch notes on MultiVersus’ season 2 update here.

MultiVersus is a free to play download from Steam and the Epic Games Store. Season 2 begins today, November 15th.

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