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DC antihero Black Adam and arcade mode shazam into MultiVersus today

Giant-sized battling also crops up in the 1.05 patch

As part of the game’s 1.05 patch, DC bad boy Black Adam finally joins the roster of fighters in Warner Bros. licensed brawler MultiVersus today. Adam is a bruiser and launches with an unlockable skin modelled after his classic comic book look, which nabs players extra candy during the Halloween event running through to the end of Multiversus’s first season on November 15th. Today’s 1.05 update sees an arcade mode added to the game too, along with a new casual Growth Spurt mode.

Black Adam was teased again for MultiVersus last week.Watch on YouTube

Black Adam was revealed as one of MultiVersus season one’s fighters back in the summer, along with Gremlins’ baddie Stripe. Adam is the fifth new character added to the co-op brawler since season one began on August 15th, following Stripe and fuzzy mogwai Gizmo, and Rick And Morty’s Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. There haven’t been any announcements on who might join the roster in season two just yet, but an announcer voice pack that leaked in September suggests that Mark Hamill’s Joker might be among MultiVersus’ new fighters in the future.

Player First Games are also introducing the new arcade mode with the 1.05 patch today. Arcade mode’s available for both 1v1 and 2v2, so you can run through it with a pal, and there’s three difficulties. Completing a run on each difficulty nets you either a Bronze, Silver or Gold star on the character select screen, depending on whether you beat Easy, Medium or Hard. Those last two difficulties pit your characters against three bosses, including their Nemesis Rival. Player First say they'll bring more features to arcade mode soon.

Today's patch also chucks in something called Silly Queue, which Player First say will become MultiVersus’ hub for “new casual game modes”. Three new modifiers are being added for 2v2 matches in the Silly Queue initially. The one you won’t fail to miss is called Growth Spurt, which makes fighters get bigger the more damage they dish out. You can read the full patch notes for MultiVersus’ 1.05 update here.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play download from Steam and the Epic Games Store. If you’re up for more info on the game’s roster then have a read of Ollie’s guide to the best characters in MultiVersus.

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