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Gremlins’ Stripe bursts into MultiVersus next week as the game’s latest fighter

That leaves Black Adam to follow before season one ends

Mischievous and malignant mini-monster Stripe is the next fighter coming to Warner Bros. licensed brawler MultiVersus, it’s been revealed today. Stripe will arrive in the game next week, although there’s no more details about the character just yet. MultiVersus has teased Stripe with a video you can watch below, which is all very Gremlins.

Stripe joins Gremlins' goody Gizmo in MultiVersus next week.Watch on YouTube

Stripe isn’t the only Gremlins character to come to MultiVersus. Cute mogwai Gizmo rocked up in the fighting game last month, along with his classic Barbie corvette car from the movies. There’s just one more character revealed for MultiVersus season one so far who’s yet to make it into the game, and that’s the DC Universe’s magical anti-hero Black Adam.

Adam was announced by devs Player First Games at the same time as Stripe back in August, but only has a few weeks to show up until the season ends on November 15th. He’s got a movie out starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on October 21st though, so expect to see Adam fly into MultiVersus sometime around then.

Whenever Adam turns up, he’ll be joining the other recent season one roster additions, Rick and Morty. Adam might not be the only DC character coming to the game soon either. Last week I reported on a leaked announcer pack from MultiVersus that sounds very like Mark Hamill’s take on Batman archvillain The Joker. There’s no more word on when Joker might make his way into the game, but it’s likely to be sometime during season two now.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play download from Steam and the Epic Games Store. While you’re waiting for Stripe, why not check out Ollie’s guide to the best characters in MultiVersus?

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