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A Rick-less Morty teleports into MultiVersus today

The game has passed 20 million players across all platforms since its soft-launch

Dimension hopper Morty Smith debuts in the Warner Bros. licensed brawler MultiVersus today minus his grandpa, super-scientist Rick, who is still expected to arrive sometime during the game’s season one. Morty will wield the plumbus, a weird chicken-leg thing that’s ubiquitous throughout the universe of Rick And Morty.

MultiVersus’ game director Tony Huynh tweeted that, as a fighter, Morty is “closer to a mage” and has “some bruiser elements”. Morty was originally scheduled to arrive a fortnight ago on August 9th along with season one, but that was delayed indefinitely. Luckily, indefinitely only lasted a short time in this case, with season one and MultiVersus’ battle pass rescheduled to August 15th instead. Still no more word on when Rick will rock up, though.

Two more upcoming characters leaked at the start of last week, in the form of magical DC anti-hero Black Adam and mutant Gremlins baddie Stripe. Both were swiftly confirmed for season one by devs Player First. Before that though, today’s patch adjusts several characters, with buffs for Arya Stark, Finn The Human and Harley Quinn and some targeted nerfs to the mighty Iron Giant. Balance issues aside, MultiVersus has garnered more than 20 million players across PC and console in the month since it soft-launched into open beta.

Ed thinks MultiVersus’ open beta is the next best thing to Smash that you’ll find on PC. “MultiVersus is on basically every platform and costs zilch to boot. This is huge!” he said, "And despite my misgivings it still has a level of polish that surpasses any free-to-play Smash-likes. Learn to cut through its barrage of boxes and cooldowns, and you're left with a cracking fighting game that's only going to evolve over the coming months.”

MultiVersus is free-to-play on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Keep an eye on our MultiVersus character tier list to stay up to date with the best roster picks for 1v1 and 2v2 matches. You can read the full patch notes for today’s update here.

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