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MultiVersus' delayed season one and battle pass are coming next week

Morty also has a planned release date

Crossover fanfiction Smash-like MultiVersus has announced that its previously delayed season one and battle pass will be launching on Monday, August 15th. Morty, also previously delayed, will be making his debut on August 23rd, and other new additions are planned throughout the season.

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The announcement, made via the game's Twitter account, says that as well as season one, the battle pass, and Morty later in the month, other "new modes and content" are planned. Though there aren't many details on those additions yet, earlier in the week game director Tony Huynh stated that "ranked, classic arcade, and characters are coming some time during," the season. Presumably one of those characters will be Rick, completing the Rick and Morty duo, as previously stated, but no date has been given for his appearance yet.

MultiVersus' first season was postponed last week. Although the delay was indefinite at the time, the season's launch was originally planned for Tuesday, August 9th, so ultimately it only turned out to be six days.

"We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks!" the developers have concluded today, so keep your eyes peeled for more Multiversus announcements. In the meantime, it's still available in open beta from Steam and the Epic Games Store. Take a peek at Ollie's guide to the best characters in MultiVersus if you're just getting started or you want to branch out.

Or if you want to wait for the season to start before dropping in, RPS named MultiVersus one of the 25 best multiplayer games to play on PC in 2022 in the list updated just yesterday. Why not take a look at the other 24 to tide you over until Monday?

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