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Nab some steep sales or build a bundle in GOG's summer sale through June 15th

Summer of spending is here

The main cast of Divinity: Original Sin II
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Ah look! Summer's on, which means that both I and my wallet are about to start sweating. Me because of the oppressive humidity and my wallet because of my oppressive desire to own Dragon Age: Origins on five different storefronts for reasons I cannot explain. GOG have spun up their summer sale machine and would ya lookit that, Dragon Age: Origins—and many other RPGs and not-RPGs—are indeed on sale. Have at it 'till June 15th.

There are quite a few good gets in GOG's summer sale, at least for yer girl the RPG freak. You can browse by a few handy categories or build a bundle of games on sale from several publishers.

The "classics" category has yer Baldur's Gates, Turoks, King's Quests, and all them good oldies. Many classics sail in under £10/$10 and quite a lot of those even under £5. Meanwhile the RPGs category has some classics overlap, plus that tricky exploration game Outward, colonise 'em up GreedFall, Infinity Engine imitator Pillars Of Eternity, and lots more. Larian Studios' big RPG success Divinity: Original Sin 2 takes a healthy 50% off cut, and their earlier less-renowned Divinity games are along for the ride too.

If you're into the indie games that Devolver Digital publish, like Katana Zero or My Friend Pedro, you can assemble your own bundle of desired favorites. Same goes for 11 Bit Studios with their apocalypse strategy game Frostpunk and roguelike-lite shop sim Moonlighter and more. You can also build a bundle of games from Paradox Interactive, Electronic Arts, Daedalic Entertainment, and others.

If you're not quite ready to engage your spendthrift mode, you can try your hand at a few upcoming games. GOG are offering demos for Desperados 3 and the System Shock remake among other options.

GOG's summer sale is on now and runs through Monday, June 15th.

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