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Neverwinter Is Looking Orcward

After my time spent on the beta weekend with Neverwinter, I've been itching in my chair to get back to the game. It certainly wasn't perfect, but then it's a beta and they're not meant to be, but a couple of days in Cryptic's envisioning of the D&D realms captured a purity of both fantasy and the MMO that made me want to carry on. In the meantime, I'm applying trailer patches to my arms, the latest introducing the Orcs.

And not "Orca" as I just typoed, which I think we can all agree would have been better.

It's an odd trailer, seeming to think you're going to want to see pictures of an Orc on paper, obscuring the actual in-game Orcs behind them. But get through that silliness and roaring and there's a good glimpse of the game's combat too. And that's pretty important for understanding why Neverwinter got its hooks in me - the combat is far more like a Diablo than a WoW, real-time, action-packed, and swishy.

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And while I'm here, it seems sensible to share with you the video put out for the Guardian Fighter last week. It's a very frantic cobbling together of combat moments.

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