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Cyberpunk 2077 hotfix 1.22 addresses more quest issues and clothes clipping

Another hotfix on the books

Step right up, CD Projekt Red have served the up the next Cyberpunk 2077 hotfix fresh off the food truck in Night City. Following that big Patch 1.2 in March and another hotfix earlier this month, this one solves more quest bugs, some clothing clipping, and more stability fixes.

Hotfix 1.22 is live on PC, Stadia, and consoles today. It's got a handful of fixes listed. Here are the open world and quest bug fixes that made the list:

  • The Metro: Memorial Park dataterm should now properly count towards the Frequent Flyer achievement.
  • Fixed glitches in Johnny's appearance occurring after buying the Nomad car from Lana.
  • Fixed an issue in Gig: Until Death Do Us Part where it was not possible to use the elevator.
  • Fixed an issue in Epistrophy where the player could get trapped in the garage if they didn't follow the drone and ran into the control room instead.
  • Added a retrofix for the issue we fixed in 1.21, where Takemura could get stuck in Japantown Docks in Down on the Street - for players who already experienced it before update 1.21 and continued playing until 1.22, Takemura will now teleport to Wakako's parlor.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the player from opening the phone in the apartment at the beginning of New Dawn Fades.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become unable to use weapons and consumables after interacting with a maintenance panel in Riders on the Storm.

They also mention that they've "fixed various issues related to clipping in NPCs' clothes." No PC-specific fixes this time around.

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As for what's yet to come in the future, CDPR's Cyberpunk 2077 roadmap from earlier this year indicates that we're getting closer to those free DLCs that are planned for the year. It's more of a vague outline, but we're past that big Patch 1.2 now and into the period of "multiple updates and improvements".

Alice B took a new look at Night City after that big 1.2 patch and said that patches can't fix its biggest problems. "It runs more proper, like. But these patches can't make it, y'know, a better game," she says. "I think maybe the more patches it gets, the more people are going to realise that Cyberpunk was always just fine."

"Fine" may not be the bar CDPR were aiming for, but they've committed to working on both Cyberpunk and The Witcher series in one fashion or another going forward. So fine is enough to keep the lights on in Night City for now.

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