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Greenlit: Next Car, Eden Star, SUPERHOT, More

More escape the dungeons

Valve may not have pushed another 100 titles through Steam Greenlight's mighty monetary birthing canal, but the latest batch of 25 is nothing to scoff at. Do you want Dear-Esther-influenced Mars exploration? You've got it. Car games (that are currently titled, er, Car Game)? There's plenty of that too. And survival-horror? Well of course there's survival-horror. There always is. This is Greenlight we're talking about. But yes, between Lacuna Passage, U55 - End of the Line, Eden Star, SUPERHOT, and plenty more, there's quite a lot to be pleased about.

What's that? You want a list? Oh, I'll give you a list. I'll list things until your brain explodes into gooey knowledge globules. I'll hand you more facts than GameFAQs. I'll... OK, enough of that. Here are the games:

I didn't breathe the entire time I typed all of those out so as to simulate listing them off out loud incredibly quickly. I am now permanently an attractive shade of Smurf blue, so that's exciting. And hey, so are these games. Well, most of them. I'm not so sure about Zombie Tycoon II and Mount Your Friends, but SUPERHOT's stop-and-go slow-mo antics are ultra-stylish, and Eden Star rocketed onto my radar with a brilliant-looking blend of Mirror's-Edge-like runleaping and Minecraft-style survival. Also, Next Car Game looks like that rare sort of racer I'll actually enjoy - which is to say that things crash lots real good boom boom bang whump thud crunch crunch pretty fire.

So that's my bit. How about you? Has your fancy been tickled into submission by any of these offerings?

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