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Ni No Kuni 2 trailer shows lovely friends and ugly murder

This isn't right

Everyone in a short new Ni No Kuni 2 [official site] gameplay trailer looks absolutely lovely, from your Pikmin-like spiritpals to the big furry fella you meet in the mountai- oh no. They're fighting. Why are they fighting? Such lovely things shouldn't- it's dead. They killed it. Oh god, they killed it. This isn't right. This isn't right at all.

Here's what publishers Bandai Namco will tell you is happening there:

"In this new gameplay video, you will follow Evan and his loyal companions Roland, Tani and the tiny Higgledies in their adventure. Fight powerful monsters, face perilous dungeons and help Evan become a King!"

Here's what I will tell you:

"They are murderers. Beautiful, adorable murderers. It may be morally wrong to play this game and subject such fine creatures to such brutal violence. This isn't right at all. If you see a copy of Ni No Kuni 2, destroy it to spare the digital monsters inside. Better they die as bits of plastic and bytes of lost data than inside a digiworld where they have such nice faces."

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is due later this year and yup, it is coming to PC even though the first game hasn't. Though the anime wizards at Studio Ghibli helped on the first, they're not involved with the sequel. Developers Level-5 have drafted former Ghibli animator Yoshiyuki Momose and frequent Ghibli movie composer Joe Hisaishi, though.

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