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Niten Looks Like It Could Be An Interesting Walk In The Woods

Island exploration

It beggars belief that "walking simulator" is considered by some to be a pejorative. At RPS we've long-championed the genre, years before it was given a name, and will continue to do so. Simulating walking in an environment otherwise unexplorable, or fantastically impossible, seems like a very splendid way to use our machines. And Niten [official site], which is set on an abandoned Japanese island looks like it could provide an example of that, provided its Kickstarter succeeds.

The notion is to learn the story of the island's previous inhabitants - a Samurai master and his orphan-child student - through discovered audio, with nods toward both Dear Esther and Gone Home. And most crucially, perhaps, it looks like the sort of space that's enticing to wander. Unreal 4 graphics presenting a mysterious location, with dynamic weather and the like. Well, if it gets funded, at least.

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Importantly, unlike the two cited games, you should be able to explore the island in the order you choose, letting you uncover its story by your own path. Alongside this, there's to be a zen garden for you to cultivate in between bouts of exploration. And for those who prefer it, the game will be voice recorded in both English and Japanese, so there's the option of playing with more authentic acting and subtitles. There's also hope of a VR version, although that will be a complete rebuild made after the regular version is finished.

It's after a weeny £15,000 to get there, and hopes to be out later this year.

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