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No Rest For The Wicked's first hotfix addresses durability and repair cost complaints

Performance improvements still to come

No Rest For The Wicked promo art.
Image credit: Moon Studios

No rest for No Rest For The Wicked's developers, it seems. The punishing action-RPG launched in Steam Early Access last week with performance issues, among other issues, and Moon Studios have now deployed their first hotfix.

Performance improvements are "coming soon", they say, while this update focuses on improvements to balance and several of the game's core systems. Among them, the update reduces durability damage taken to gear, reduces repair costs, increases the drop rate on Repair Powders, and reduces stamina costs and fall damage. Here's the full list of changes:

Balance Changes:
  • Reduced Durability Damage Taken
  • Reduced Repair Costs
  • Increased Drop Rate on Repair Powders
  • Reduced Stamina Costs
  • Reduced Fall Damage Curve
  • Reduced cost of Horseshoe Crab and food that includes Horseshoe Crab
  • Balance update for the Cerim Crucible boss
  • Changed Corpse-Smeared Blade starting from Tier 2 to Tier 1
Loot Changes:
  • Introduced more Weapons into Fillmore’s Pre-Sacrament Loot Table
  • Reduced Drop Rate of Fallen Embers
  • Fixed crash that could occur when quitting out to the main menu
Bug Fixes:
  • Improved inventory navigation
  • Fixed jump at Potion Seller Cave so you can’t miss the jump when executed correctly
  • Blocked off an out of bounds area of Nameless Pass
  • Removed lingering dev tools

When I poked through user reviews on Steam earlier in the week, durability and repair costs were two of core complaints I saw. To my surprise, if I'm honest. No Rest For The Wicked seems clearly to be courting dodge-roll melee fetishists, who I assumed to be video game masochosts, and yet they seemed to be pounding dirt and crying uncle. Or maybe it just really was bonkers unfair.

Earlier this week, Moon outlined a list of known issues, with solutions to some, if you're experiencing a proble the above patch doesn't fix. Remappable controls are coming soon, too.

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