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Final Fantasy XV's Noctis bowls into Tekken 7 today

The boys are back in town

While resident buttonmasher Brendan is busy in San Francisco, it falls to me to tell you that Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum today arrived in Tekken 7 as the latest DLC character. "Noctis's occupation is listed as: formally opening swimming pools and shopping centres," Brendan might say, with that air of authority he has when making ludicrous claims about fighting game characters. "Likes: camping and cutting ribbons," he'd add, knowing we'd trust him. God only knows where he gets it from, and I don't intend to ask. "Dislikes: invasions."

Noctis is armed with his engine-powered sword, spinning, slicing, and dashing in ways that look quite familiar from Final Fantasy XV, with a little magic too. The DLC also includes a new background stage, Hammerhead, based on the FFXV gas station. Yes, the other good boys are there to cheer you on. Some XV music makes it over too, rounding out the final fantastic package. And yes, he can play in the Tekken Bowl DLC.

While he's largely dressed in his punky regal fashion here, you can also make him a total donger:

The DLC is accompanied by free update 1.12. I don't believe full patch notes yet, but Bandai Namco say it includes "several improvements to the online matching functionality and the performance of the game," as well as Nvidia ShadowPlay Highlights support to automatically capture clips for "on specific conditions for the Versus Battles, Ranked Match, Player Match and Tournament mode." I've seen a few players have reported the game not loading or crashing since the update, though it's not yet clear how widespread this problem is.

Tekken 7's Noctis DLC costs £6/€8/$8 by itself, or is (I believe?) included with its DLC season pass for £20/€25/$25. Check out some of his moves in this trailer:

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