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Noita has a secret death replay editor, and here's how you activate it

Good Noita

When things go wrong in Noita, they generally go wrong in all the right ways. The wizard sim will kill you in a cascade of calamities that begs for an easy way to show them off. But unless you're recording the game at that moment, you'll be left to reenact the death using stray cats and burning oil, and I'm not a fan of that. So here's a tiny tweak that popped up on the game’s Reddit that lets you save your death and then edit it into a neat gif. For whatever reason, the game shipped with it disabled, but it's such an easy fix that undoing it is not a problem.

Here's the Reddit post.

There is a death replay feature in the game, disabled by default! Tutorial on how to enable in the comments. from r/noita

If you refuse to go to Reddit to find out how it's done, all you need to do is find the "Nolla_Games_Noita" folder on your hard-drive. For me, it was in "C:\Users\craig\AppData\LocalLow\Nolla_Games_Noita". In there you'll find a folder named "save_shared" with a config file. Open the config file in a text editor and hunt down the line "replay_recorder_enabled="0"". Change that 0 to a 1 and save it.

Now when you die in Noita the menu will have an extra element on it, "Save death replay". Clicking that will take you to a replay editor, enabling you to change the size and length of the file. with the UI. It's all pretty obvious. When you've saved the file, it outputs into the "Nolla_Games_Noita" folder. Dig down into the "save_rec" and then into the "screenshots_animated" folder.

Not only is it a fun thing to share, but it also lets you figure out any WTF deaths you may have had. Like this one of mine:

I was low on health then exploded when I picked up a new wand. I didn't even realise it was hooked up to a trap. If this feature messes up your game, all you need to do is change that line back to its original state and you're good.

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