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Noita leaves early access this October

It's getting new spells, enemies, and maybe even a new game mode

Ah, October, the spook month. What better time for the witchy roguelike, Noita, to leave early access? On October 15th, Nolla Games' spellcasting platformer in which every pixel is physically simulated will be released in full. It's getting a big update to go with it, too, adding new enemies, perks, music, and lotsa spells, as well as a bunch of quality of life improvements.

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Unfortunately, Nolla's announcement is pretty vague on the details of exactly what to expect from the update. As a matter of fact, that list above is pretty much exactly how they describe what's coming. Even more vaguely, they tease "other surprises" too, hinting that there might be a new game mode to boot.

Something there is a little more explanation of is the game's upcoming Twitch integration, which will allow streamers to have their viewers vote on in-game events for "creative surprises". I feel like these surprises are mostly likely going to lead to many deaths, but hey, that's kind of what Noita is all about.

Up here in the RPS treehouse we've enjoyed Noita very much. Alice Bee reckons it is very good even if you are very bad at it, and Matt Cox learned five important lessons from five deaths (though, evidentally he did not learn them well enough, RPS in peace).

In his early access Noita review, Steve Hogarty says: "Noita and every last one of its simulated pixels is absolutely good, and you should play it." Which is a pretty good summary, if I do say so myself.

Noita is available in early access right now, with its 1.0 release slated for October 15th. You can find it on Humble, GOG and Itch.io, or on Steam where it's currently 20% off.

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