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Noita blasts its way out of early access today

Arriving with a big update

Come, one and all, to mess with every last lovely little pixel in the excellent action roguelite, Noita, which leaves early access today. Nolla Games' witchy adventure will take you through procedurally-generated levels in which every pixel is part of a simulation. It really is a wonder watching all your spells alter and, let's be honest, destroy the landscape. The full release comes with a big update, adding even more spells with which to demolish levels. Excellent.

Version 1.0 has brought new spells, enemies, perks, secrets, and more music for the soundtracks. Biomes have new modifiers shaking them up, and some have new temperature effects like liquids freezing when it's cold or ice and snow melting when it's hot. It's also added Twitch integration, letting viewers vote on in-game effects to make runs even more chaotic. See the patch notes for everything.

We here at RPS have had a lot to say about Noita, because it's really very cool. In his early access Noita review, Steve Hogarty calls it "clever, surprising and frantic". While in Alec's (RPS in peace) Noita preview, he thinks it's a "magical, melting nightmare" - but like, in a good way.

Alice Bee has even had a chat with Nolla Games about how to make a fun game when everything is falling, and it turns out the devs spent two years trialling different ideas before settling on Noita.

"In Noita they try to make it so that destruction actually keeps the game together and minimises the breaking," she says. "But you can still find a spell that fills the entire screen with lava, because that's really fun to do sometimes."

Noita left early access today, and you can get it on Steam, GOG,, and Humble. A 20% launch discount brings the price down to £12.39/€15.19/$15.99 until Thursday the 22nd.

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