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Noita's Feast update chows down on some deadly new spells

Hey, be nice to the rats.

Disappointingly, there's not too much munching going on in the trailer for Noita's Feast update. Unless, of course, developers Nolla Games are serving up a banquet of roast witch. But rather than sausages or salads, Noita's platter is a deadly one. Released this week, Feast adds a bounty of spells, artefacts, environmental overhauls and more to the procedurally destructive dungeon-delver.

Noita's pretty great, isn't it? The RPS gang couldn't stop playing it for all that delightfully absurd arcane destruction. Far from complete game-changers, Noita's updates since launch have simply added more tools to help bring the game's subterranean world crashing down around you. To that end, Feast is no different.

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First off, the spells. Feast adds eight new incantations to plug into your wand - spells that surround you with tiny helpful ghosts, aim your attacks for you, unlimited spells that never stop firing, and spells that summon propane tanks like some sort of wizardly Hank Hill. Feast also brings in new magical artefacts that warp gravity, evaporate fluids, and (worst of all) spawn a bug-looking wretch that vomits out sawblades - effectively turning Noita into an impromptu level of Disc Room.

More than just handing you more toys to muck about with, Noita's biomes should now be a nicer place to tear apart. The Underground Jungle has been given a makeover with new foliage and creeping vines, while the Hiisi Base - a claustrophobic nightmare of metal corridors - has been given a spit of paint and a new floor plan.

Then there's the usual laundry list of bug fixes and minor improvements, all of which can be found over on the Feast Update patch notes. In a cruel note, the update notes that "No one likes rats, not even the healers".

Bit rude, eh?

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