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Northern Springs brings frosty adventure to Fallout 4

Nuclear winter is coming...

Fallout 4 just got a massive new sector for explorin' and craftin' and murderin'. As is the new normal for the industry, this stunning new bit of world and its storyline are all thanks to fan labour. A mod called Northern Springs, which is billed as being larger than any of the game's official expansions, is available now on Nexus Mods. I'd been so obsessed with raiding post-war Seattle that I completely failed to notice this huge undertaking was coming down the Nexus pipeline. I'll be rectifying my oversight tonight by entering this frozen hellscape.

Developed by Modular Illusion, Northern Springs is a snowbound landmass to the northwest of Fallout 4's Commonwealth. The main designer of the project, Jshrapnelc, claims the project adds 50+ new locations to explore. The mod features 25 quests (and Radiant Quests) and four fully voiced new companions including the Vault-Tec Rep. Sure. I absolutely want to take on the Wasteland with that bro. There are three settlement to find and develop, along with two player homes.

Representing over two years of development, this addition is a new location not set inside of the Commonwealth, although it does include quests and other things that work in that space. There are four new job types: Cage Fighter, Deathclaw Hunter, Book Collector, and Bounty Hunter. I'm fairly certain I've spent every Fallout playing as a Book Collector, so let's make that official now. (Fun fact: I name my player character after my cats, so I look forward to watching Dr. Kitty Kimble From The Fugitive bringing down more Deathclaws.)

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Northern Springs brings new weapons and armor along with *checks notes* a ghost. That's neat! Who doesn't love a good Casper pal with unfinished business?

Check out footage from Northern Springs below:

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Again, you can grab Northern Springs right here, right now. You can find the soundtrack on Bandcamp.

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