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Not iPhoned In: Republique Getting "Unique" PC Version

Republique is an iOS project on Kickstarter. Wait, don't run! I've surrounded the entire area with landmin-- urgh. Well, I was going to tell you that it's also a very intriguing idea from brilliantly talented folks who worked on Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and FEAR, but then you rudely went and exploded. But, while I gingerly sweep still-smoking bits of you off RPS' world-renowned lawn, I'll tell no one in particular that Republique's bringing its highly cinematic blend of stealth and a "symbiotic relationship" with a character named Hope to PC. This won't be a simple port, either. If you weren't so obnoxiously dead right now, you could find out why in a video after the break.

So that's incredibly promising. Regardless of how the final game turns out, Camoflaj is at least approaching this with the right attitude. It all sounds fascinatingly ambitious, too, but - as evidenced by its rather quickly draining Kickstarter hourglass - that doesn't necessarily translate to sweet, sweet funding.

Me, I'm pulling for it, if only because I'm still very worried that Kickstarter's devolving into a necromantic cult that sacrifices giant sums of money to revive dead genres and franchises - and little more. It's nice to see some of these franchises get a second chance to shine, but what happened to all our clamoring for innovation? If ever "speak with your wallet" was a phrase that actually meant something, it's now. So why am I only hearing crickets?

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