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Tick-Toque: Republique Rallies For Final Kickstarter Push

Truth be told, I never really liked Republique's chances on Kique, er, Kickstarter. Don't get me wrong: it's pretty much the only Kickstarter I'm personally pulling for, but a mere two weeks ago, it still needed to coax $400,000 out of an army of unwilling wallets. On top of that, we're talking about an unproven concept from a freshly born franchise. And, perhaps most damningly, everyone at Camouflaj clearly can't spell. The past couple days, then, have been nothing short of astounding. Passionate fans have piped up via every form of social networking short of the ancient Roman Forum, and Republique's rocketed to more than $430,000 of its $500,000 goal. Now, less than a day remains. Disembodied surveillance camera protagonists will speak of this photo finish for years to come. Well, if it succeeds anyway. But honestly, why should you care? Well, there's the whole respecting PC gamers thing, for one. And now, there's also a trailer of Republique in action.

OK, so that canned skit at the end was downright painful, but otherwise, neat! The map view camera stands to meld one of strategy gaming's trustiest tropes with the frankly overplayed genre that is the stealth-action-Metroidvania-and-also-you're-a-camera sim, though I have to wonder if having an eye in the sky will suck all the tension out of high-stakes hide-and-go-seek.

Meanwhile, on the "should've seen it coming but still can't believe it's happening" side of things, David "Solid Snake" Hayter will be voicing some sort of legendary hero within the Metal-Gear-Solid-inspired game's story. WINK WINK NOD NOD. On top of that, Jennifer "FemShep" Hale is also joining on as Hope's mentor.

Basically, it all sounds wonderful, and it's so close. But I'm a journalist, so I must remain impartial. I cannot - under any circumstances - plead with you to kick a few bucks into Republique's purse, so I guess I'll just... huh, oh, what's that Mr Purrington? You'd like to say a few words? Well, OK then. But, goodness me, you're not restrained by any journalistic standards! Oh my, what have I done?

Dear RPS reader, please support Republique or I will be devoured by this larger cat. Already, I'm missing tremendous portions of my spine. You could say it's a real pain in the neck, but in truth, it's a horrific pain in the everywhere. I was young once - and free. I never even got to see the ocean. My fate is in your hands, which I will rub against and affectionately nibble if Republique gets funded.

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