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Fight The Future: Republique's Final Episode Released

Earlier episodes revamped

Episodic dystopian stealth game Republique [official site] has now wrapped up, as developers Camouflaj released the fifth and final episode yesterday. It's been four years since Republique's Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, two years since its debut on pocket telephones, and one since its arrival on PC. What will happen to Hope, the futureteen who's grown up imprisoned in a futurescience facility? Mate, I- look, the whole point of this point is to tell you it's out so you can see, I won't just- what are you asking here. Come on.

Republique is a stealth game of a slightly different kind, as players don't control Hope directly, but rather are someone watching from afar through, peeking through cameras, hacking systems, and telling her when to move and when. It's a conceit created with its pocket telephone origins in mind, but is a pretty nice framing for the whole thing.

Episode 5: Terminus will revisit some places Hope has seen in earlier episodes, though they've changed and beefed up security since, and also introduces branching paths. A big ol' patch arrived alongside the episode yesterday, with changes including improved performance for slower computers, better pathfinding for Hope across the first three episodes (important, considering you can't control her directly), UI improvements, a fix for Hope falling through the world on some AMD systems, and more. In short, it's finished and the rest is now better.

Here's a trailer peeping at Episode 5 and, heck, the whole dang series:

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