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Photo Finish: Republique Gets Funded

With a mere five hours left before cruel fate snuffed out Hope's chances of a bright (read: horrific, downcast, and hopelessly dystopian) future, Kickstarter finally kicked into high gear. Republique has officially met its funding goal - and then some, in fact. The final tally stands at $555,662, which is pretty damn astounding, given that nearly $300,000 of it came surging in this week. In fact, the stealth-action Metroidavania camera hacking thing managed almost a complete reversal of the other major Kickstarter success stories; its biggest day was its last - not its first. Messages from both the Republique team and Mr Purrington await you after the break.

First up, here's the requisite tearful thanks and merriment from Ryan Payton and the rest of Camouflaj:

"I can't believe I'm writing this, but we did it everyone! Together, we reached our funding goal with no less than seven hours to go. Talk about cutting it close! This is not the end, but only the beginning everyone. I'm extremely excited about connecting with all of you over the next year, making sure your rewards are as awesome as possible (without Jeff, our biz dude, getting angry at me) and making this game with all of you!"

"From now on, we'll be posting to backers-only and talking with you about Republique, rewards and Camouflaj as we make this journey together. We can't wait. Thank you, Camouflaj Friends. All 11, 610 of you!"

That's a lot of exclamation points. But I suppose half a million dollars is a pretty good reason to use the hell out of the universe's most reviled form of punctuation. At any rate, it's now time for a very special message from Mr Purrington.

Dear RPS readers, thanks in part to your efforts, this larger cat is no longer attempting to devour me. Instead, he's merely standing uncomfortably close, eyeing me hungrily. This is a temporary victory in all likelihood, but a valuable one nonetheless. Similarly, Republique is now funded, but will it be good? Will its 1984-influenced story come across as cringe-inducingly heavy handed? Will Camouflaj follow through with its extremely ambitious plans for the PC version? And, regardless of all that stuff, in-the-know gamers barely even cared enough to fund it. So, when Republique finally launches, will anyone even buy it? 

These are the questions that will come to define its newfound existence - in much the same way that "Will this cannibalistic wildcat realize that I'm stringy and low in nutrients" will soon heavily influence mine. Send help, please. Otherwise, my ghost will find a way to passively agressively get fur all over your freshly washed clothes.

Sincerely yours, Mr Purrington.

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