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A Look Inside The Objects In Space Cockpit

Deep space shrine

Objects In Space [official site] is the upcoming space trading game from Metrocide developers Flat Earth Games. They've just revealed the game's first footage trailer that labels it a "stealth space trading game where you'll navigate your ship as though it were a submarine, instead of fly it like it were a plane." In practice, this means far less outlandish physics in the skies and more considered, meticulous strategy in the engine room.

What's more, Flat Earth reckon you can build your own ship consoles to work with the game, if that's what you're into.

Here, fasten your goggles on this:

Cover image for YouTube video

Lots of intriguing information to wrap your noggin around there, furnished with a retro-inspired, sort-of-like Papers, Please aesthetic. Speaking to the make-your-own-equipment idea, developer Flat Earth Games said this on their blog:

"You'll be able to build your own ship consoles and have them interface directly with the game! To prove it, we build a few of our own and have them on the show floor at PAX [Australia]. Using a virtual serial port, you can have Objects in Space trigger buttons, LEDs or switches, allowing you to literally build your very own ship from scratch. If you're in Melbourne, come check it out for yourself at the PAX show floor!"

They also posted an image of their DIY setup:

Cool, eh? There's more on how all that was put together here. If any of our Melbourne-based (Melbournian? Melbournite? Melbournatron?) friends manage along to PAX Australia, I'd love to hear how this looks/works in person.

Objects in Space is due out for Windows, Mac and Linux in 2016.

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