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Oddworld: Soulstorm is out now

Just watch out for the launch bug that makes Abe fall forever

The clumsy little Mukodon Abe returns today in Oddworld: Soulstorm, a reimagining of the 1998 side-scrolling platformer Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus. Soulstorm is an action-adventure game where Abe's new goal is to save his pals from being slaves. It's got crafting, molotov cocktails, and will let you complete the game without killing any sligs (evil aliens). Watch out though, because it also has a launch bug that can make Abe fall indefinitely.


Back in 2019, Brendy spoke to head of Oddworld Inhabitants Lorne Lanning about Abe's return. He did this while launching molotov cocktails at people - in an early version of the game, of course.

"It’s far more action than I expected," Brendy wrote. "In my short time with nu-Abe there were countless explosions of gas and fire. I lobbed many gassy bombs. One sequence sees the gang of extraterrestrial escapees board a lift with a turret on top, allowing you to blast all around you."

Oddworld: Soulstorm sounds rather fun and rather chaotic, and it's out right now on the Epic Game Store for £40/$45. It's also available on PS4 and PS5.

If you're thinking of picking it up today, do note that it has a few launch bugs that the devs have yet to address. The big one is that Abe can get stuck in an infinite falling loop if his jumping, falling or death animation is interrupted. The devs say you'll need to reload from a previous checkpoint if this happens, but you won't lose any save data. They add that a patch is coming soon to sort it.

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