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Oktoberbrawl guide - How to unlock Call of the Void and Call of the Light

Our complete guide to the new Hearthstone event

Hearthstone's Oktoberbrawl is now live, and it's a special event that sees two teams of three pro players go head to head using a freshly minted Hearthstone account. It should be a pretty fun way of going right back to basics with the game, and seeing who can play the value game the best.

Not only that but you can support you favourite team by equipping one of two special new card backs in-game. Every time you win a match using that card back, the team in question gets the chance to open more card packs that week.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that these card packs are just for the Oktoberbrawl players, and they can't buy anything in-game using real money while they're on these accounts. All you receive is the two card backs. Check the images further down the page for a look!

Oktoberbrawl teams

The players are separated into two distinct teams for the event: Team Void and Team Light. Each team has an associated card back, which you can unlock for your account using the details a little further down the page.

Here's a quick snapshot of who's who on each team:

Team Light

  • Alliestrasza
  • Kripparian
  • Reynad

Team Void

  • Dog
  • Void
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How to obtain Call of the Void and Call of the Light

Those are the teams, then, but how do you actually get your hands on the two new card backs? It's pretty simple really but note that in order to sign up, you must be a member of Amazon Prime.

Assuming you have an Amazon Prime account, simply head over to the official Twitch Prime promotional page and complete the sign-up process

Once you've completed that you'll receive an alert when you next log in to the game, notifying you that your new card backs are available. Simply head to the My Collection section of the interface, then navigate to the card back icon at the top-right of the screen to choose your team!

Oktoberbrawl rewards

As we've already mentioned at the top of the page, only the pros themselves receive card packs. These are the two card backs you get for taking part in the Oktoberbrawl promotion:

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