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One of the best 1080p 165Hz monitors is down to £120 at Amazon UK

A great price for the Acer Nitro XF243YPbmiiprx.

Since about 2015, there's been an Acer monitor of one kind or another on my desk. The Taiwanese company is probably better known for its desktop PCs - or its former StarCraft II team! - but they're also a solid choice when it comes to high performance, relatively good value monitors - without the RGB and heavy branding of competitors like Asus or MSI.

In any case, one of Acer's most popular models, the Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx, is down to £120 at Amazon. That's a great price for a 24-in 1080p 165Hz monitor that has attracted strongly positive reviews.

Given that the monitor has cost anywhere from £150 to £210 over the past few months, a new low price of £120 is significant. This puts it in contention with 1080p 60Hz or 1080p 75Hz options, while providing much better responsiveness and input latency than these more basic options. This monitor also supports FreeSync and is G-Sync Compatible, making it a reasonable choice for gaming on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Black Frame Insertion - which inserts black frames in between real ones to improve motion handling - is also offered and works well, although it can't be used with FreeSync/G-Sync.

This monitor is based around an IPS panel with a quoted 0.5ms response time, marking it out as one of the faster options. Input lag and pixel response times are both excellent, and a DisplayHDR 400 rating is impressive for this price category. Contrast remains a downside for IPS models, with only around 1000:1 compared to 3000:1 or better on VA alternatives, but given the excellent colour reproduction and wide viewing angles, this is an acceptable trade-off for most use cases.

Despite its otherwise simple design, this Acer monitor does come with a good stand, offering 360-degree swivelling, 11cm of height adjustment and the option for a portrait-mode orientation. A 100x100 VESA mount is also offered, which is nice for anyone that prefers to have a monitor floating over their mouse and keyboard instead of one with a desk stand.

Overall, this is a surprisingly excellent monitor for £120, and well worth picking up at this price!

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