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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dust Line Details Streamed

Operation Dust to Operation Dust

A few details about Operation Dust Line, Rainbow Six Siege's next update, dribbled out last week along with an an 18 second trailer. Last night there was a developer livestream with a lot more information about the new operators, map and rebalances coming to Ubisoft's asymmetric terro-shooter.

The livestream can be watched here, but if you don't have the patience then Reddit, as always, have a neat summary.

To summarise the summary, there are some small changes to existing operators that should make a large difference. For example, Buck now carries frag grenades; Frost no longer has nitro cells; IQ now detects shapes of objects instead of only their location; and Tachanka's turret now deploys faster. If you don't play the game, these changes will mean nothing to you, but then I don't know why you'd be reading this post.

The livestream also showed new details of the two new operators, Valkyrie and Blackbeard. The former carries four sticky cameras while the latter's shield-with-gun-attached allows them to aim down sights at the same time. Until we have an official list of patch notes, the Reddit thread has everything there is to know.

Operation Dust Line will be released on May 11th for those who have subscribed to the game's season pass, but becomes freely accessible to all a week afterwards. Or at least, accessible via Siege's regular progression system.

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