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Operation: Void Edge operators crash the Rainbow 6 test server tomorrow

Smash, vanish, repeat

Rainbow Six Siege is all about mind games. Baiting out attackers, creating false lines of attack, making sure the bad guys step into your crosshairs before you wander into theirs. Operation Void Edge's two new Operators hit the public test server tomorrow, and approach deceptive play with two radically different visions. One of them will trick you into seeing ghosts, and the other will have you doubting the structural integrity of every last wall.

After a brief tease last week, Ubisoft delivered the full dossier on Team Rainbow's newest recruits. He's Oryx, a living battering-ram with a heart of cold. She's Iana, an out-of-this-world gal who can't be pinned down. Together, they're Operation: Void Edge's regular odd-couple.

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New defender Oryx (not the Destiny lad) is an athletic powerhouse from Jordan. His main gadget, if you can call it that, is "Rebar Bash" - a brutal dash that can tear through barricades, unreinforced walls and knock opponents to the ground. He's buff enough to kick down even steadfast shield-bearers like Montagne. 'Course, he'll take a little bit of damage when bruting through walls, mind. Bricks hurt.

These dashes work on slowly refreshing charges, sorta like Titanfall 2's big robot sprints. Yes, I'm calling Oryx a human meat-mech. Yes, I'm reaching.

He's not all brute force, though. Despite looking heavier than a tank, Oryx' powerful thighs allow him to jump up through ceiling hatches. He can even hold himself up there, take a peek, and decide whether he wants to commit to a full pull-up.

His quieter counterpart is Iana, a Dutch attacker who's much too clever to bust down walls with her head. Her arsenal is built around a Gemini hologram, creating a digital doppelganger to deceive doubtful defenders. It looks like Iana, sounds like Iana, and (unlike holo-defender Alibi) moves like Iana. 'Course, Iana herself needs to stay still to operate her body-double, but there's plenty of scope for false pushes and risk-free reconnaissance runs.

Ubi demonstrated both new Operators on the newly renovated Oregon map. The basement has been given a sizeable extension with a new freezer section, while upper floors have been given more routes between rooftops and interiors. Other, smaller additions arriving with Void Edge include more consistent barricade damage, recon drone changes, and a totally revamped main menu.

Iana and Oryx hit the Rainbow Six Test Servers tomorrow. Ubi haven't revealed Operation Void Edge's release date yet, but - as usual - Year 5 pass holders will get their hands on the two new Operators a week before the rest of us.

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