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Our favourite 1TB SSD is down to £85 right now

Its lowest price since Black Friday

The WD Blue SN550 continues to be one of the best SSDs for gaming you can buy right now, as it's not only extremely nippy but also excellent value - particularly now the 1TB model can be had for as little as £85, too.

Indeed, Amazon have lobbed £10 off its usual price of £95 today, taking this superb NVMe SSD down to its lowest price since Black Friday. It fell to a record low of £80 during the big November sales festivities, so today's price is still pretty good going all things considered.

Alas, only the 1TB model seems to be on sale at the moment, so those after a good deal on its 250GB, 500GB and 2TB capacities will have to put their wallets away for another time. Indeed, the 250GB model is currently out of stock at Amazon, having dropped to its lowest ever price of £35 last week, and the 500GB model is still quite expensive compared to how much it's cost in the past. The 2TB model, meanwhile, remains at a pretty constant £186, which is how much it's cost since launch.

That said, while the 250GB is out of stock at Amazon, you can still get one for an identical £35 over at Ebuyer. This is a great price for such a brilliant drive, and is actually cheaper than many budget SATA SSDs right now. Indeed, as long as you've got a compatible motherboard with a free M.2 slot, this is a tough deal to beat if you're after a fast, nippy drive for Windows.

Unfortuantely, even Ebuyer don't have a good deal on the 500GB version of the SN550 right now, and their 2TB price is the same as what you'll find over on Amazon. Still, even if you could find a 500GB SN550 for its usual price of around £55, I'd still strongly recommend spending the extra on the 1TB version at the moment, especially now it's £10 cheaper than usual. It's much better value compared to the 500GB version, and you're getting a lot more storage for only a marginally higher cost.

The Blue SN550 isn't the only WD drive Amazon have on sale today, though, as there are also some great discounts to be had on their 4TB Black P10 external hard drive, and the latest models of their My Passport Portable SSDs, too, which I've listed below:

For more great SSD discounts, make sure to check out our regularly updated SSD deals hub for more info.

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