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Outer Wilds' "first and only" expansion arrives this September

Echoes Of The Eye will "weave directly into the existing world and narrative"

Mobius Digital's excellent space exploration game Outer Wilds is getting an expansion. Announced during Annapurna Interactive's NotE3 showcase, Echoes Of The Eye is set to release on September 28th. While the devs say it will be involved in the game's existing narrative, they're keeping quiet on what exactly we'll be getting up to. But, judging from the name, it likely has something to do with Eye Of The Universe, a mysterious object in the solar system that you spend most of your time in Outer Wilds trying to reach.

If this all sounds a bit familiar, it's probably because it was leaked back in April. The name Echoes Of The Eye popped up in Outer Wilds' Steam records, and Annapurna did a cheeky tweet with nothing but an eye emoji raising suspicions.

Cover image for YouTube videoOUTER WILDS: ECHOES OF THE EYE | Reveal Trailer

Now it's all confirmed, though we still know about as much as we did back when it first leaked. The trailer is, as creative director Alex Beachum called it during the stream, rather cryptic. We see some shots of various puzzles interspersed with images of the solar system, as the sun is gradually eclipsed. It looks pretty spooky, to be honest.

Beachum says this is the "first and only" expansion for Outer Wilds, and it will "weave directly into the existing world and narrative".

In our Outer Worlds review, Brendy said the game was"overflowing with a toyish love of astronomy and physics. We don’t do star ratings on RPS, but if we did I'd give Outer Wilds a small galaxy." It was also our GOTY in 2019 and we reckon it's one of the best space games on PC, like, ever. High standards to live up to, but I'm sure the DLC will do its best to meet them.

Outer Wilds: Echoes Of The Eye is set to release on September 28th.

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