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Outer Wilds might be getting a DLC

Not to be confused with The Outer Worlds, which already has several

It looks like the time-looping space exploration game Outer Wilds might be getting a DLC, because something named Outer Wilds - Echoes Of The Eye has popped up in Steam's records. This little leak was circulated on Twitter last night, and rather than simply ignoring the rumour, the game's publisher Annapurna Interactive shared the tweet and added a cheeky eye emoji. It's not exactly a confirmation that a DLC is happening, but it's certainly not a denial either.

You can catch the listing for Echoes Of The Eye on SteamDB. There's no real info on there other than the fact it was first added to the database on April 28th. The name does suggest the DLC could have something to do with the Eye Of The Universe, a distant object in the solar system that it's your ultimate goal to reach. Everything you do in Outer Wilds is to find out what happened to the failed expedition that tried to get there before you.

Go careful not to mistake this one with The Outer Worlds, of course, which already has several DLCs. Now, I'm not trying to confuse you, but it's worth noting that writer and narrative designer Kelsey Beachum, who has actually worked on both games, also did a tweet about the rumoured Outer Wilds DLC. Hers has four eye emojis. The plot thickens.

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Outer Wilds first launched on the Epic Game Store in 2019, before heading to Steam last year. It's set to arrive on Nintendo Switch this summer too, so perhaps Annapurna or the game's developers, Mobius Digital, will have more to share closer to then. It'd make sense to launch a DLC at the same time as coming to a new platform, lots of games do that.

At any rate, an expansion for Outer Wilds would be a welcome one indeed. Brendy had nothing but lovely things to say about it in his Outer Wilds review, giving it a spot amongst RPS's Bestest Bests:

"Overflowing with a toyish love of astronomy and physics, it jettisons stuffy formulae for adventures on dangerous planets full of sand, and one-way trips to icy comets hurtling around the sun. We don’t do star ratings on RPS, but if we did I’d give Outer Wilds a small galaxy."

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