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Outlast At Last Out In September

Oh yeah, Outlast! The spooooooky game set in an asylum, where the enemies are Hooman Beeings. I'd almost forgotten it, since we last mentioned it in November, but now the veteran-developed horror has a release date and a price. You want to know what they are? Well, you'll have to walk down this terrifying corridor.


You were never expecting that.

More helpfully, the game is set to appear on the 4th of September, and cost a very indie standard $20.

This is from Red Barrel, who have team members who worked on big names like Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, and Uncharted, and is based on me. Because I'm a freelance journalist. And the game features a freelance journalist. They've mistakenly called him "Miles Upshur", which is a stupid name and isn't even spelled a bit like "John Walker". He goes into an asylum, on a tip, and discovers all sorts of dreadful behaviour taking place. He then immediately leaves and reports it to the local authorities, and goes home to inexplicably watch another episode of Whodunnit. Oh wait - no - it's not based on me, because THE IDIOT STAYS IN THE ASYLUM. Although at least that way there's a game. Here is it moving about for 11 minutes:

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