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Overwatch 2 is getting a dating sim and a One Punch Man crossover in Season 3

100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10-kilometer run!

Overwatch 2’s third season is beginning later today and it looks to be the most substantial season yet. Blizzard have released a brand new trailer alongside a Season 3 roadmap, detailing everything we can expect for the next few months including a One Punch Man crossover, a long overdue dating sim, and a Battle Pass themed around Asian mythology.

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The last few Seasonal Events in Overwatch have fallen a little flat, but Season 3 looks to change that. On February 14th, the two-week-long Valentine's event will begin featuring a 4v4 Hanzo-only mode. Rewards include the Hanzo cupid skin, seen in the trailer when the archer blows us a cheeky kiss. The more urgent addition in Loverwatch, a text-based browser dating sim where players can charm either Mercy or Genji. Blizzard say the dating sim isn’t canon, but I don’t think that’s ever mattered to the community’s shippers. I’m sure OW fan artists feel very validated right now.

Season 3's next event is Overwatch’s first-ever IP crossover, featuring Japanese anime One Punch Man with a series of skins and cosmetics. It makes sense to have Doomfist cosplay as Saitama in the trailer, considering he’s Overwatch’s designated puncher. The crossover begins on March 7th until April 6th. Blizzard previously expressed interest in Fortnite-style crossovers, so One Punch Man probably isn’t the last pop culture figure to join the OW gang. The Patchi Marchi event also returns from previous years on March 21st until April 4th.

A new season means a new patch, too. Blizzard will be fixing several bugs and making balance changes to our favourite heroes. Most tanks are having their health reduced in non-role queue matches in an attempt to make DPS heroes more viable. You can check if your fave’s been affected on Blizzard’s blog post. Blizzard said they wanted “more clarity” for competitive play and they’re introducing that in this update as well. Skill tiers will now change every 5 wins or 15 losses, and players can view their progress in the competitive menus.

We already knew about Season 3’s new control map, Antarctic Peninsula, which is adding in some Mei lore, fishing, and invincible penguins(!) Although, we’ll need to wait a little longer for Overwatch’s next support hero who’s joining the fight in Season 4.

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