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Paint The Blue Planet Red: Fisher Diver

Fisher Diver is a Flash game about fishing. Fisher Diver is a game about shooting writhing wireframe abominations in the spine with a harpoon, waiting for them to bleed out and then collecting their lifeless fish-flesh to sell for a few dollars. Fisher Diver has an upgrade system. Fisher Diver encourages you to buy licenses so that you can dive ever deeper and confront increasingly dangerous creatures that thrash idiotically and blasphemously in the deepest trenches. Fisher Diver tells a story through diaries and dreams. Fisher Diver contains terrible nightmares and sinister diaries that are found drifting beneath the waves, or slowly digesting in the guts of the hungering horrors that lurk beneath. Play it here.

If you don't have sound on when playing, you'll miss out on the rather superb music, which can also be heard (and purchased) here. The tracks are short and repetitive but they suit the strange ambience perfectly.

Fisher Diver comes from the mind of Eli Piilonen, who previously made The Company of Myself. I enjoyed that but I prefer this. As a game, it's fairly simple, although trying to maximise profits by killing targets slowly and patiently has an element of consideration to it. Bleak and bloody consideration, but it's there nonetheless. It's the aesthetics I find most interesting though, with their abstract weirdness somehow making the job at hand more unnerving by far than any attempt at realism would have done. This has as much in common with Sega Bass Fishing as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy has with Moonraker.

Via JayisGames.

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