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Paladin decks

Our collection of the very best Paladin decks you can use on both the Standard and Wild Hearthstone ladders.

Paladin decks typically tend to favour the midrange or control archetypes, as they're so well served by the class' hero power which summons an extra fighting force onto the board. This not only broadens the board presence while conserving cards, it can also be the deciding factor in games that wear on just a little too long for everyone's comfort.

With that said, there have been aggressive takes on Paladin decks in the past, although these tend to fade in and out of fashion as the metagame ebbs and flows, and opportunities to capitalise by using this sort of playstyle present themselves. It's partly for this reason that we thought it would be useful to create a single hub for all of our Paladin deck guide content, so you can see what's hot for this hero at any given moment in time!

As a result, you can expect this hub to undergo a great deal of change in the weeks and months ahead. For now though, we hope this page will provide a helpful snapshot of how the meta looks for the hero, and help you choose the best tool for your current ladder climb. It should also expose you to more options for the Paladin, and so help you get even more out of the game!

Top Standard Paladin decks

The Standard format is where most players do their ladder-climb, and we think these are the top Paladin decks you should be using when it comes to reaching that next elusive rank.

DeckFeatured guides
Aggro Pirate PaladinAggro Pirate Paladin (Standard) deck list and guide
Buff PaladinBuff Paladin (Standard) deck list and guide
Dragon PaladinDragon Paladin (Standard) deck list and guide
Murloc PaladinAnyfin Murloc Paladin (Standard) deck list and guide
N'Zoth Control PaladinN'Zoth Control Paladin (Standard) deck list and guide

Aggro Pirate Paladin

We think the Aggro Paladin is going to be a pretty big deal in the Gadgetzan metagame, and its the introduction of a host of small Pirate minions that's taken this deck to the next level.

Buff Paladin

Gadgetzan introduced some incredible new buff cards for the Paladin, and this deck squeezes every last drop of value out of each one. It remains to be seen how competitive it'll prove in the long run, but right now it's incredibly good fun.

Dragon Paladin

The name gives it away here, and Dragon Paladin is all about using those scaly creatures to unleash a relentlessly snowballing threat against whatever class you happen to be facing. Just keep one eye on those Dragon synergies, and plan a turn or two ahead if you possibly can.

Murloc Paladin

Anyfin can Happen is the card that makes the magic happen here, although this deck is solid enough that you can actually get over the finishing line long before the myriad collection of murlocs makes its appearance. It's not the strongest Paladin deck right now, but still a reasonably competitive - and actually very fun - one to play.

N'Zoth Control Paladin

If you like your matches to wear on slow but steady, we think N'Zoth Control Paladin is probably the one for you. This archetype has you fielding a steady flow of sticky Deathrattle minions onto the board, where they'll do solid work before being summoned back into the fray as soon as N'Zoth, the Corruptor makes his miserable presence known.

Old meta decks

While you won't find the following decks to be quite as competitive in the current meta as the ones listed above, you may still want to experiment with these alternative Paladin options.

DeckFeatured guides
Secret PaladinSecret Paladin (Standard) deck list and guide

Aggro Paladin

A good option for clearing out a Daily Quest nice and quickly, Aggro Paladin nevertheless lacks the bite that other “face” decks can offer in Standard. You'll often see Aggro Paladin fade in and out of fashion, and we'll adjust its positioning accordingly over time.

Secret Paladin

Once considered the absolute scourge of the Hearthstone metagame, Secret Paladin gained back a little of its popularity around the Karazhan release before fading back into the shadows. We wouldn't be at all surprised to see this one crop back up in the meta at some point or another - it's potentially devastating for anyone to find themselves up against.

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Top Wild Paladin decks

Wild's a very different kind of beast in Hearthstone, and you'll need a chunky collection of cards to really make the Paladin shine in this format. If that sounds like you though, these are the deck lists we recommend above all others!

DeckFeatured guides
Aggro PaladinWild Aggro Paladin deck list and guide
Murloc PaladinWild Murloc Paladin deck list and guide
Secret PaladinWild Secret Paladin deck list and guide

Aggro Paladin

See our description of the Standard version for an overview of how this deck archetype works.

Murloc Paladin

See our description of the Standard version for an overview of how this deck archetype works.

Secret Paladin

See our description of the Standard version for an overview of how this deck archetype works.

Budget and free Paladin decks

In can be tough getting started as a new Hearthstone player these days, which is why we've put together a one-stop guide to the best starter decks that won't cost you a penny to play. We'll try to add more budget options to this section in due course.

DeckFeatured guides
Basic PaladinThe best Basic starter decks in Hearthstone

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