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Paradox have bought the studio behind Surviving The Aftermath

Paradox's ninth studio

Continuing to buy studios like they're releasing DLC, Paradox Interactive today announced they've acquired Iceflake Studios, the Finnish studio who are making post-apocalyptic city-builder Surviving The Aftermath. They're becoming Paradox's ninth studio. Paradox talk vaguely about Iceflake helping make more games in their "core genres" so I guess they'll be continuing with strat-o-build-a-sim-y-RPG things.

Surviving The Aftermath is currently in early access, though our Nate thinks it'd be better off waiting until it was finished. Don't be confused by Aftermath sharing a name with Surviving Mars, which Paradox also publish - that was created by Haemimont Games.

"The collaborative efforts we've shared thus far with Iceflake have given us all the confidence that this is a natural fit," Paradox COO Charlotta Nilsson said in today's announcement. "Surviving the Aftermath fits the Paradox portfolio perfectly, and Iceflake has shown themselves to be the kind of partner who can help us create more titles in our core genres. Turning this relationship into a long-term partnership is an easy decision, and we're eager to share more great games with our audience in the years to come."

Paradox's stable is now: the main gang at Paradox Development Studio in Sweden; Paradox Arctic in Sweden; another Swedish team in Malmö; the mysterious Paradox Tectonic led by Rod Humble in California; Age Of Wonders devs Triumph Studios in The Netherlands; BattleTech and Shadowrun studio Harebrained Schemes in Seattle; the newly-opened Paradox Tinto in Spain, who'll help on Europa Universalis IV for a bit then make their own grand strategy game; Playrion Game Studio in Paris, who make Airlines Manager; and Iceflake here. Those last three were all announced within the past two months. Busy times at Paradox.

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