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Surviving The Aftermath has arrived on Steam after a year of Epic exclusivity

Learn to build a post-apocalyptic colony, just in case

There's nothing like a spot of cheery post-apocalyptic city building to keep you going in this fine year we call 2020. After a year of Epic exclusivity, Surviving The Aftermath has arrived in early access on Steam. It's one of those strategy and management games where you can build a colony for some apocalypse survivors to hang out in, with the ultimate goal of restoring some civilisation to the doomed world. So, you know, good practice for the years to come.

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Our Nate played it briefly last year, and describes it as "the colony manager for everyone who got really into the settlement building in Fallout 4."

Surviving The Aftermath's arrival on Steam comes with a patch that adds in quests to make exploration. These little missions are only sidequests for now, and will task your colonists with things like scavenging and searching for lost people.

Back in February, Nate had a chat with the game's director and lead producer about the early access city-builder craze. It's a good read, Nate is a fount of knowledge when it comes to management games and city-builders.

Originally, the game was supposed to be in early access for just one year before releasing in full. But, as with many games this year, it's development was impacted by the ongoing pandemic, so the new plan is for 1.0 to drop early next year.

Surviving The Aftermath is now available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store for £22/€25/$25. It's still in early access, but has plans to release in full sometime in 2021.

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