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Giveaway: 500 Paragon Early Access Founder's Packs

Epic's third-person fantasy MOBA

We've got 500 keys to give away for Paragon [official site], Epic's third-person science fantasy MOBA. It takes the now traditional three lane setup in which each lane is protected by towers and minions and uses its third-person perspective as an opportunity to use height to provide and obscure vision. Its closest relative is Smite, but it feels more like a shooter, leaning on its developers legacy in that other genre.

Eventually Paragon will be free-to-play, but like many MOBAs it's begun life in a paid early access period, access to which costs $20. This code will get you in now for free.

Here's what Pip said when she looked into Paragon around release:

So Paragon is nowhere near finished. But there’s enough in place that it has my attention and it feels different enough from the other MOBA options that I can see myself making room for it in my playtime. I have real reservations about planned cross-platform play between PC and PS4 and I honestly don’t know if the cards will open up builds the way Epic seem to think they will. That said, I had fun playing (and felt MOBA-style joy and frustration during the games we won and lost). I really liked how the game looked and want to experiment more with the characters as well as working out how to use the different aspects of the map.

And here's a trailer if you want to see it in action:

Cover image for YouTube video

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RPS Giveaway: 500 Keys For Epic's Paragon

Once you've completed one of the above actions, hit 'Continue' in order to make the key appear. The keys are limited to one per user and the widget above will close automatically when all the codes are gone.

How to redeem your code

1. Visit this page.

2. Sign up or sign in to your Epic Games account.

3. Once done, you'll be forwarded to a page on which you can copy and paste the provided key in order to have the game attached to your account.

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