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Iggy & Scorch - A Pyro-Saur Combo - Joining Paragon


Epic's Paragon [official site] is getting a duo as its next playable character in the form of dino-and-pyro double-act Iggy & Scorch. They count as a single character, I do believe so no Cho'Gall pantomime horse shenanigans for this particular MOBA as yet.

Let's take a closer look and I will try to fish some words out of my head that aren't DINOSAUR DINOSAUR DINOSAUR even though it's Friday and I'm just looking at the video and thinking DINOSAUR DINOSAUR DINOSAUR.


"As a duo, Iggy & Scorch is a mage with serious lane control. Iggy sits atop Scorch while putting down flame turrets that zone enemies. Iggy also throws molotovs that cause fire damage, while Scorch secretes flammable oil that compounds the damage over time and expands the damage area."

I'm assuming a more detailed breakdown of abilities and so forth will be available in the next few days as Iggy & Scorch won't be released to the early access beta until 21 April. From the video I'm wondering whether the abilities which have Iggy interacting with Scorch (getting him or her to bite down on a Molotov then breathing fire, for example) are distinct abilities or toggle-able variants on a basic set of skills.

I have Paragon installed at the moment but when I tried to play it my internet promptly fell over and died. I'd like to give it another go but when??? WHEN?


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