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Path of Exile Trial of Ascendancy locations: every Labyrinth Trial in the campaign

Track down the trials to access Izaro's Labyrinth

Looking for Labyrinth Trial locations in Path of Exile? For the uninitiated, the Trials of Ascendancy, or Labyrinth Trials, in the Path of Exile campaign are a series of trap puzzles players must complete to access the Labyrinth. Completing each of the four Labyrinth difficulties unlocks Ascendancy points for your character’s Ascendancy, the game’s term for its 19 subclasses.

This is an essential step in leveling up a new character, especially on league start. While you will have to complete each Labyrinth on every individual character, you only have to complete the Trials of Ascendancy once per league. Find every Trial and avoid unnecessary backtracking with our guide to Trials in Path of Exile.

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Path of Exile Trial of Ascendancy locations

Here’s every Labyrinth Trial location in the order you encounter them:

Normal Labyrinth Trial locations:

  • The Lower Prison (Act 1)
  • The Crypt Level 1 (Act 2)
  • The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 2)
  • The Crematorium (Act 3)
  • The Catacombs (Act 3)
  • The Imperial Gardens (Act 3)

Cruel Labyrinth Trial locations:

  • The Prison (Act 6)
  • The Crypt (Act 7)
  • Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)

Merciless Labyrinth Trial locations:

  • The Bath House (Act 8)
  • The Tunnel (Act 9)
  • The Ossuary (Act 10)

The procedural level generation in Path of Exile means the exact locations within each zone will be semi-randomized each time, so you will have to do some exploring to track them down. You can identify a Trial location from a distance by the door and lever icons, which only appear in Labyrinth Trials. See the image below for an example.

A example of a Trial of Ascendancy entrance location in Path of Exile

How to access the Eternal Labyrinth (Uber Lab) in Path of Exile

The final Labyrinth tier is the Eternal Labyrinth, often referred to as the Uber Lab by the community. Accessing the Eternal Labyrinth is different, and the requirements have changed as recently as Scourge League. Previously, you needed to find and complete six additional Trials, which would appear in maps at random. Thankfully, Grinding Gear Games has removed this frustrating layer of randomness. Now, any character level 68 or above can open the Eternal Labyrinth with one Offering to the Goddess.

You can earn an Offering by completing one of the aforementioned random trials in maps, or acquire one through trade. Keep in mind, however, that the Eternal Labyrinth is a level 75 area with significantly more dangerous traps and monsters than previous Labyrinths. Even though it is accessible at level 68, most characters won’t run the Eternal Labyrinth until closer to level 80.

That's everything you need to access the four Labyrinths in Path of Exile! Be sure to snag every trial as you progress so you don't waste time returning to lower level zones. While you're at it, be sure to grab every Path Of Exile skill point and maximize your leveling efficiency. If you're a new player and unsure how the Kalandra league start will work, see our handy guides on Path Of Exile progression and the league system and picking a league start build.

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