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Pay what you want for Humble's Best of Stealth game bundle

Pay £8.66 to get all eight games - including Hitman, Aragami and more.

Humble is offering one of their classic pay what you want bundles this week, but I'll excuse you if you haven't seen it - it's their Stealth Bundle! Hahahahahaha.

Wait, where are you going? Is it something I said? Anyway, I'll just keep going shall I? OK - so it's a stealth bundle, loads of nice PC indie games plus Hitman, you know, that very popular series about that nice bald man doing the murders? Yes, he's in it.

They say you can pay what you want, but 72p (presumably $1) is the effective minimum, where you get the pleasant third-person stealth game Aragami. Pay more than the average (currently £7.69) to get three more games: the 'weird and different' yet compelling world of Echo, Tom Francis vehicle Heat Signature and the crass Styx: Shards of Darkess.

And if you pay just a tiny bit more, currently £8.66, you'll get all eight items - the four we mentioned earlier, plus Edwin's 2018 GOTY entry Ghost of a Tale, Hitman GOTY Edition, Hitman 2 Gold Edition and 10% off Hitman 3 (which is currently £30 in Humble's Summer Sale). You also get the Ghost of a Tale soundtrack, which seems quite pleasant from a brief listen.

As usual, you also get the option to adjust where exactly your money is going. An £8.66 donation provides £5.63 to publishers, 44p to charities and £2.59 to Humble, but there's a preset that gives more to charity plus the option to drag some sliders around to tweak the percentages yourself depending on your own moral priorities.

As usual, all of the games are provided here via Steam keys (apart from Hitman 3 which is still restricted to the Epic Games Store, apparently - thanks to the commenters that pointed this out!). All of these games work on Windows, while Aragami and Hitman GOTY also work on Mac and Linux.

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What do you think of this bundle? Have you forgiven me for the 'joke' in the opening line? Let me know in the comments below, or I'll be encouraged to strike... again! From the shadows! Like a stealthy murder man. Like, you know, those games. You know what, forget it...

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