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The Weekspot podcast: Biomutant feels like an old-fashioned open-world game

Wung fu fighter

I was really looking forward to being a furry little animal in Biomutant. Running around a gorgeous world, shooting and slashing everything that moved, sounded like a delightful time. And while it can sometimes be fun, sadly the game often finds a way of bringing everything to a screeching halt.

But, before we broach the topic of this week’s Big Game, we’ve got some news to talk about in Headlines & Hot Takes. On this episode, the conversation is dominated by Timesplitters. Yes, Timesplitters. Deep Silver are getting the band back together to work on a new entry in the beloved FPS series. We also talk about what Gearbox could be up to, and whether or not it’ll be something wildly different to Borderlands. And, of course, we stop by Tech Corner to chat about the Gamecube.

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As already mentioned, Biomutant leads our Show and Tell discussion, this week. It’s been a long time coming, which is maybe why it feels like a more old-fashioned open-world game. Jumping about a very pretty environment and unleashing your Super Wung Fu skills is occasionally enjoyable, but everything around that is a bit of a slog. A game that delivers on its promise – its promise being frivolous fun – is Knockout City. Whether or not it’ll have legs remains to be seen, but it’s worth a go if you have Xbox Game Pass For PC. Meanwhile, Matthew’s been playing the weird and wonderful Mind Scanners.

This week's Mystery Steam Reviews is all about games that are set in Japan. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on big life decisions, the perfect PC and console hybrid and abandonware.

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