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The Weekspot podcast: it's not Hitman, it's Deathloop

Agent Colt 45

Yes, we all know the game has a very cool look, and all of us enjoy playing a good time loop game, but what actually is Deathloop? Thankfully, Matthew's played the first few hours and is here to enlighten both you and I.

But, before we chat about Colt Vahn's day, we get into the biggest news stories over the last week. The most notable thing, really, is that there was a PlayStation Showcase filled with lovely PC-related tidbits. We're getting a KOTOR remake, Forspoken seems decent, and the two most recent Uncharted games are on their way to PC. Also, Alan Wake Remastered is out quite soon. That's nice.

Cover image for YouTube videoCan Deathloop Kick It? Yes, It Can | My Fav Thing In... (Deathloop Review)

Deathloop dominates chat in this week's Show and Tell. While Matthew hasn't played through the game yet – the two of us will be playing it over the next week – he's really enjoyed his first few hours. A lot more stealthy sneakiness in this one than the trailers let on. Matthew also goes through his thoughts on musical platformer The Artful Escape, and I chat a bit about my time with pleasant photography game Toem.

No Mystery Steam Reviews this week sadly as the recording went haywire, but we'll have a make good next week. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on video game soundtracks, Half-Life 3, and Sir David Attenborough.

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If you've got any Burning Questions for us, you can reach us by emailing weekspot@rockpapershotgun.com, or you can stick them in the comments here.

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