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Pencil-drawn horror game Mundaun will launch in spring 2021

The hills are alive, indeed

Pencil-drawn games aren't unheard of in 2D games, but seeing monotone pencil textures on 3D models is more uncommon. They're uncanny really, which I suppose is a great fit for horror. Mundaun is an indie horror game set to folk legends in a secluded valley in the Alps. It's shown up again in a new trailer to announce a spring 2021 release date.

"After learning of his grandfather's mysterious death in a fire, the protagonist travels to Mundaun for the first time since childhood," say Hidden Fields. "He will soon discover that something old and diabolical is haunting the remaining inhabitants." You'll solve puzzles and uncover secrets during your trek up Mundaun mountain, if the creepy local legends don't snatch you first, that is.

"The past and its buried secrets are a big theme throughout Mundaun," developer Michel Ziegler told RPS in 2018, unearthing the folk horror of Mundaun. "On his journey up the mountain, the player will uncover what happened piece by piece through dreamlike flashbacks."

Mundaun's new trailer and list of features certainly give off the vibe of a countryside full of secrets initially unknowable to an outsider. It reminds me a bit of the quiet creepiness in The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter. "Interact with its eccentric inhabitants who even have their own obscure spoken language," Hidden Fields say. "Beware of the creatures roaming the landscape."

Mundan was previously expected sometime in 2019. It's now planned to launch in spring 2021. You can find it over on Steam until then.

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