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Pick up a 650W Seasonic 80+ Gold power supply for £48 (was £68)

A cracking deal on the must trusted PSU brand.

Seasonic is the name when it comes to reliable PC power supplies, so it's rare to see big discounts - especially on their more affordable models. That trend is reversed at CCL in the UK today though, as their G12 GC-650 power supply has dropped from £68 to £48 as part of CCL's summer sale.

The G12 comes in a few varieties, but this one is a 650W unit with an 80+ Gold efficiency rating, which is capable of powering rigs with up to RTX 3070 graphics cards (and probably 3080-class cards too, if you aren't using an incredibly powerhungry processor).

This series does cut a few corners elsewhere though, with a non-modular design that means you'll have to tuck a few cables away rather than just plugging in the ones you need. This isn't a dealbreaker for me - it at least prevents you from adding a new component and then discovering that you also need to pull out the power supply to add a new cable (that you've probably misplaced) to it... and most cases these days have a nice PSU shroud to hide the extra cables anyway.

I reckon this is a pretty solid deal if you're after a mid-range power supply and are on a limited budget, and definitely a better shout than buying a random no-brand power supply off Amazon - and it's £22 cheaper than buying a good-brand (eg Corsair) 650W PSU with that same 80+ Gold efficiency rating.

I think that's about it when it comes to this PSU, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to let me know in the comments below - I'm always here to help. Thanks for joining me and we'll catch you again next time!

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